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If you are an athlete, practice one of our traditional sports and games or are interested in developing yourself learning a TSG, you can join a club or create you own and affiliating to one of our TSG state associations and take part as a member of the National Sport System and access our events throughout the year: tournaments, championships, encounter, courses, conferences and more.

Join professionally

If you have professional experience as a sport trainer, physical education teacher or any activity related to our work, you can boost your skills by attending to our courses and obtaining an official TSG certificate, and why not? maybe join our sport technic group, one our organization’s pillars.


One of the best ways to get to know Mexican traditional games and sports, athletes, researchers, promoters, their context and the life that surrounds us is by joining as a volunteer in our events… besides we could really use the help. Request info, calendar and details through our contact page.

Already have a project?

If you have an idea, project or research and you consider we could work together, please send us your proposal, if its viable and its in our possibilities we will gladly participate. We’re always open to enrich TSG with fresh ideas and collaborations, and as a matter of fact many of our activities started that way. 

Buy our products

Among FMJDAT´s members, there’s a network of people devoted to manufacturing material, implements and equipment necessary to practice, teach and learn mexican traditional games and sports. get your material with us and start practicing right away.

You can also support us by buying our promotional products.

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