F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions

What kind of information can you provide?

We can give you general information about traditional games and sports in Mexico, the projects we have worked and are currently working on, events and activities calendar. Many of this information you can find over the site. We can also get you in touch with groups, clubs, associations, academics and promoters.; however we cannot make your project, homework, thesis or research. If you requiere additional information you can buy any of our publications or participate in activities in our calendar.

Can i use/copy information on this site?

Any content hosted in www.juegosautoctonos.com including: text information, videos, photographs, illustrations and any graphic elements, are displayed with informative and promotional purposes, they are copyrighted and belong to Federación Mexicana de Juegos y Deportes Autóctonos y Tradicionales A.C. and/or its rightful owners. Total or partial reproduction, editing or extraction of any of the elements used on the website is absolutely forbidden.

If you are really interested in making use of this information in a project, tell us about it, you can apply for a use license. Terms and conditions apply.

Can you give an exhibition in my event?
We´d love to… but the diversity of our activities and geographic coverage make scheduling a permanent challenge, the decision of participating in events is taken considering the following criteria: geographic access, organization conditions, space conditions, our internal calendar, availability of players and impact expected.

Tell us about your project, maybe we can work together.


How can i participate?

There are many ways in which you can participate: If you are currently living in Mexico and want to practice a certain activity, you can join a team, sport club or association, we have them in 22 states around the country, you can also join our growing volunteer committee, a big family of people who support our events logistics, you can take our courses and get a certification to join our sport technicians team.

If you have a project, idea, research, or production related to our theme we can collaborate in its development, tell us about it.

You can also buy our productos and books.

How can i buy material, equipment or books from you?

An online store is coming on the way, but we’re not there yet. Currently you can only buy our products with a bank deposit,  you can pick up your product in our office or we can send it to you through a recommended delivery system according to your location. Please contact us if you are interested in traditional games and sports products.

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